Office 365

Do you have a professional Email, Calendar and Document solution for your business that allows you to communicate effectively, across multiple devices and from almost anywhere?

Do you have a place to keep all your documents that is accessible to all members of your team? Share business documents, Calender, tasks and communication throughout your business.

Do you want to have up to date business tools for document processing, spreadsheets, presentations and more?


Microsoft’s Office 365 is a solution backed with a guarantee from an industry giant. You can have a “cloud” set of professional services for your business that allows you to use always up to date versions of Microsoft’s Office application for a low monthly payment.

This solution comes with geo-separated backup, meaning that your data is located in more than one data center, protecting you from loss and downtime.

If you don’t have a need for an on-site server solution, this can reduce or eliminate the need for a separate backup as your on-line, secure, MS Sharepoint document repository is a reliable place to store your valuable business data.

Contact Elemental Computing below for a free month trial with MS Office 365. If you want to proceed with Office 365 after the trial, and need to migrate or create a private domain (, if you contact us through this web page, we will discount our set up fee by 50%. (Regular fee is $200.00 + tax)