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Routers for Home/Small Business Networks

It is clear that the capabilities of various routers have not been clearly communicated to the business owners and home owners that require these devices.  As a result, consumer grade routers are being pressed into service in situations beyond their capabilities.

What are their capabilities?

Excellent question, since the advertising doesn’t spell out their limitations. However, Linksys has started a rating system for their router devices.


Linksys Rating System

Website Updates

Elemental Computing Websites have undergone a routine update and reset as it was necessary to move server hosting to our own web host. Content is unchanged though.

Installing VPN Server onto Debian 2.6.26 Server

One of my clients wanted access to my test server that I use for web design mockups. This test server allows me to serve the sites from apache and have a mysql database backend for CMS systems etc. My test server runs the Debian distribution of Gnu/Linux with a kernel version of 2.6.26.

I decided that I could allow this client access, but I didn't want to expose my server to the outside world, therefore I needed to let this client into my network. For a variety of reasons, I felt that setting up a VPN into my network was the way to go in this case.