MS Office 365 Phishing Email

I received a phishing email that was relatively convincing. I thought that I would post it to show people what to look for when they are looking at an email. This email contains a few interesting elements. The statement that you are missing mail (meant to alarm you) and the use of the blue colour for the button, which is consistent with the colours that Microsoft actually uses to brand their business, and then the link to, which at first glance looks like a valid MS link.

If you look at the sender address – it clearly isn’t from Microsoft.

Then when you hover your mouse over the button or, more importantly, over that “” link that’s supposed to make you think this email is legitimate, you notice that the link doesn’t go to ‘’ but goes somewhere else entirely.

If you follow the link – you end up at a page that is a clone of the MS Office 365 sign in page – but is *NOT MICROSOFT*.

Look at the link in the URL bar – this is not a MS site. This is the social engineering process these individuals are using to steal your email login. Once they have your email login, they can reset the passwords to your bank accounts and other important items and go on to steal your identity.

Stay safe out there and protect your account information!